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Let Data Storage Security transport them!

The secure transport of document archives (electronic or paper) is often considered a secondary aspect of the process of storing company data, whether they are paper folders, digital media, magnetic tapes, backup servers or hard drives. On the contrary, Data Storage Security believes that the protection of data and archives starts from the moment one steps through the customer’s door.

Data Storage Security has created a secure transport system for each type of archive containing sensitive data that solves the issue of security in a complete manner, ensuring traceability at every stage.


dedicated to your security

Data Storage Security uses only vehicles from its corporate fleet: each vehicle is owned by Data Storage Security and is equipped with security systems specifically designed to meet the high security standards imposed by the nature of the material transported.

The Data Storage Security fleet is used for the secure transport of backup tapes containing confidential information, placed in special cases designed to contain tapes, servers and large-scale storage devices, as well as paper archive containers.

Data Storage Security’s secure transport service is essential for projects designed to set up new information systems and new infrastructures, or during the activation of remote cloud storage solutions, to secure data and devices containing confidential data, safeguarding service and business continuity.

End-to-end process

Secure data


When moving/migrating or transferring entire servers, rack units, NAS between Datacentres, there’s a need to transport large archives of data and devices that require the intervention of specialized personnel for removal, uninstallation and subsequent reinstallation.

Since the assets being handled contain company data, the issue of transport security is the key point of the entire logistics operation.

Data Storage Security offers tailor-made solutions for every need related to the handling of confidential, sensitive data, ensuring the security and integrity of archives, as an essential aspect of the service.

Among the many solutions available, the removal service is especially important, with the uninstallation and subsequent reinstallation of the hardware, performed by specialized Data Storage Security technicians; this option combines service quality and security for the confidential nature of the task, including training received by Data Storage Security staff regarding the confidentiality of the task performed.


from every standpoint

Data Storage Security is equipped with an operations centre that remotely monitors its corporate fleet of vehicles in real time, corporate fleet of vehicles in real time, providing support if necessary in activating the security measures on board the vehicles; the security measures adopted include the possibility of employing double staff on board the vehicle for the entire duration of the transport.

exclusive transport
Process monitored of transport

Process security

Transportation is provided directly by Data Storage Security’s own vans, equipped with security measures created specifically for the transport of data, and by highly qualified and trained employees.

Process monitored and tracked

Process monitored and tracked
at each and every stage

All phases of the service, from the inventory of assets to be moved, to transport, delivery to the Data Storage Security vault or to the customer’s premises, are monitored and tracked by the Data Storage Security operations centre.

End-to-end process

The Safe Transport service may include professional services such as the uninstallation and subsequent reinstallation of the equipment, handled by qualified Data Storage Security technical staff.

Data Storage Security offers customers over 35 years of experience in data storage services, including a specific secure data transport service and ICT infrastructure, with continuously evolving processes and technologies, in accordance with current regulations and the most stringent technical standards on the market.

Data Storage Security customers include major insurance and banking groups, multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, large-scale retail and distribution and automotive sectors, as well as the most important Italian ICT companies.