secure data destruction

Secure Data Destruction

Destroying corporate data, business data, personal data, reserved data: a regulatory as well as an administrative challenge

When it’s time to destroy a hard disk or sensitive data archive written on a cassette or magnetic medium, you need to be sure that no one is able to recover anything from the processed media, and that the destruction processes are controlled, certified and traceable in every part of the process.

Indeed, one of the requirements expressly provided for in the GDPR 679/2016 that has a greater organizational and material impact on companies that must preserve digital archives in the long term, is precisely the requirement related to the definition of data retention times and their subsequent deletion, as dictated by Art. 17 of GDPR 679/2016: “The data subject shall have the right to obtain from the data controller the erasure of personal data relating to him/her without undue delay and the controller shall be obliged to erase personal data without undue delay (…)” .

Fulfilling this obligation affects both business and policy processes relating to the storage or destruction of data, as well as the organization of material processes necessary for managing the destruction of the data.



of ‘sensitive’ and ‘confidential’ data

The Secure Destruction service offered by Data Storage Security guarantees the permanent deletion of personal, sensitive or confidential data on any type of support.

Whether on a magnetic tape, hard disk, personal computer, tablet, smartphone, SD card, USB stick or any other type of digital storage media, Data Storage Security ensures the reliable and secure deletion of data in line with UNI EN 15713 and the proper disposal of media.

Thanks to the technology implemented at its headquarters, Data Storage Security is capable of processing high volumes of magnetic media, independently managing the entire process in accordance with customer requirements and standards.

secure data destruction

The destruction service conforms to the latest


The Secure Destruction service provided by Data Storage Security allows the Data Controller to fully comply with the principle of “Accountability” provided by GDPR 679/2016, as each step in the process is tracked and tested. The “Certified destruction of electronic media” service also falls within the scope of Data Storage Security‘s ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2015 certification.

A different procedure for each support, always guaranteed by the


Data Storage Security guarantees the destruction of the data through specific processes, depending on the type of media to be processed in which the data is contained, or specific customer requests.

Data can be destroyed through Degaussing, Logic Cancellation software, ‘mechanical shredding’ or a combination of various methods.

All destruction phases are performed at Data Storage Security‘s headquarters, in a dedicated environment with badge controlled access, under constant video surveillance and by rigorously selected and specially trained personnel; each phase of the process is tracked in order to certify the quality of the service provided. However, Data Storage Security also offers the possibility of carrying out the service on-site, at the customer’s premises.

highest security

End-to-end process

Data Storage Security’s end-to-end process includes the transport of magnetic tapes, hard drives and any other media containing data to be destroyed, by Data Storage Security personnel. Data Storage Security’s end-to-end process includes the transport of magnetic tapes, hard drives and any other media containing data to be destroyed, by Data Storage Security personnel. Media waiting to be destroyed and disposed of are stored in a dedicated vault, certified according to the UNI EN 1143-1:2012 standard with degree of resistance III, under active video surveillance and monitoring 24/7, until the completion of the destruction process.


Traceable, certified process

Each phase of the data destruction is tracked; from the initial taking charge of the assets to be destroyed, to drawing up the inventory, executing and filming the destruction, and drawing up a destruction report once the process is complete.

secure data destruction

Destruction reports

The documentation issued to customers at the end of the operations includes objective evidence of the process, including a video of the destruction processes, destruction report and Refusal Identification Forms (R.I.F.).

Data Storage Security offers customers over 35 years of experience in data storage services, including a specific secure data transport service and ICT infrastructure, with continuously evolving processes and technologies, in accordance with current regulations and the most stringent technical standards on the market.

Data Storage Security customers include major insurance and banking groups, multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, large-scale retail and distribution and automotive sectors, as well as the most important Italian ICT companies.