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Remote Backup Storage:

our tape library can now be transferred securely

Archiving digital data stored on magnetic tape has always been considered the safe way to store sensitive documents, contractual documents, insurance policies, medical records, emails, server backups and video surveillance recordings.

However, it is now possible to switch to Remote Backup Storage, i.e. remote storage of sensitive data, without sacrificing the security and accessibility of archives, achieving substantial cost savings and avoiding the need to use your company’s facilities and resources.



in two steps

Data Storage Security‘s Remote Backup Storage solution consists of two nodes: the first is located at the customer’s premises, the second is set up at the Data Storage Security data centre.

The nodes are interconnected through an encrypted channel, and equipped with deduplication and automated replication functions. Data to be archived is automatically copied from the customer’s premises to the data centre, which is equipped with the latest protective measures and highest security standards. A second copy of the archives is then transported to Data Storage Security’s vault, an armoured room that is UNI EN 1143-1:2012 certified with a degree III level of resistance, to be stored off-line.

Remote Backup Storage

Corporate backup

Long-term retention costs


With Remote Backup Storage, Data Storage Security offers customers long-term control of their expenditure, with the advantage of containing cost increases in relation to larger volumes and long-term data retention.

Data deduplication, i.e. the computer process that allows for reduced file weight by eliminating identical copies and redundancy in digital archives (with a ratio, in some cases, of 20:1), reduces the cost of disk space necessary to preserve online copies of backups, while subsequent copies on magnetic tape allows customers to take advantage of support that is now cheaper in relation to the cost per terabyte.


benefits everyone

Data Storage Security‘s Remote Backup Storage solution simplifies backup management by eliminating physical tape libraries, resulting in savings on hardware management costs, periodic maintenance costs and the cost of training IT staff. In addition, the management of magnetic tape logistics and secure storage processes are eliminated, resulting in a reduction in the degree to which the company is responsible for archiving data.

Data Storage Security’s Remote Backup Storage is part of our customers’ backup process, without having any negative impacts on current hardware and software architecture, while maintaining both the tools and procedures as well as the existing areas of responsibility.

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business in cloud


thanks to the local Repository

Data Storage Security‘s Remote Backup Storage includes the creation of a local repository containing stored data backups, indexed in chronological order.

Consequently, customers can access digital archive backups at any time, and completely independently.

cloud space

Local data repository

The Remote Backup Storage solution creates a local repository of backup data, centralizing it in a single archive, simplifying management, governance and data access processes; the repository can contain multiple backup versions, depending on the size of the storage space defined when designing the service.

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Independent data recovery

Access to the data on the Client’s node is extremely fast. Customers can access backup copies and perform data restoration operations in complete autonomy.

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Ultra-efficient deduplication

The Remote Backup Storage solution performs powerful data deduplication with a ratio of up to 20:1. This feature allows you to have multiple backup copies online at the Client node in a small allocated space, minimizing required bandwidth for duplication to the Remote node. A bandwidth throttling function helps manage the speed and related bandwidth used in the case of shared connectivity with other services.

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Duplication from the Client’s node to the Remote node takes place via an encrypted and compressed channel to save additional connectivity bandwidth. On request, saved data can be encrypted on the VTL of both nodes, Client and Remote, inserting an additional level of security.

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Customers can directly manage all backup duplication and data writing phases, automatically delegating these steps to the Remote Backup Storage, scheduling the frequency of the work of archiving and transmitting digital data. Data writing or backup duplications take place without any involvement by Data Storage Security, to further guarantee the backup process.

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Multi architecture

The solution can be deployed on different types of architecture, from completely virtual to completely “physical”, which can be integrated with all the major backup software systems on the market.


Data created using the Remote Backup Storage can be restored in three ways:

  • Directly accessing the local copy of the backups at the Client node (copy already present in the history or synchronized by the Remote node after restoring the historical data).
  • Accessing the virtual drive exposed from the Remote node’s Remote Backup Storage directly to the backup software and then bypassing the Client node in the case of errors or faults.
  • Through the magnetic support delivery service at the customer’s premises; in this case, connecting a tape drive to the backup software (included in the service) allows customers to recognize it as their own and access the data. This feature is possible because the Remote Backup Storage does not insert any additional information into the tape’s writing, and due to an alignment mechanism between the virtual and physical barcodes of the tapes, with the consequent updating of the catalogue.

Data Storage Security offers customers over 35 years of experience in data storage services, including a specific secure data transport service and ICT infrastructure, with continuously evolving processes and technologies, in accordance with current regulations and the most stringent technical standards on the market.

Data Storage Security customers include major insurance and banking groups, multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, large-scale retail and distribution and automotive sectors, as well as the most important Italian ICT companies.