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Anyone who has experienced the dismay of discovering that an archive has become unreadable, or that video surveillance system recordings are damaged and unusable, recognizes the importance and necessity of having a data backup and a disaster recovery plan.

At times, nothing is more valuable than the ability to recover your data, whether it is contained in data storage, magnetic tapes or hard drives.

A proper business risk analysis and management must take into account a disaster recovery plan that includes a remote backup system or off-site tape vaulting service in a delocalized location (at a reasonable distance in order to avoid disastrous events affecting both sites) in relation to the production site.

Data Storage Security is your ideal partner for protecting business and corporate data in accordance with the strictest risk management policies.



should you keep and where should they be stored?

Data Storage Security’s Media Off-site Storage service responds in a timely manner to the requirements defined in international best practices on disaster recovery and long-term retention, according to the 3-2-1 rule, which became famous thanks to Peter Krogh, an American publisher known primarily for his work in the field of digital asset management.

The 3-2-1 rule divides people into those who have already experienced the loss of digital data and those who will experience it in the future.

To prevent this scenario, you should organize the backup of your data according to this policy:

• Create at least 3 copies of the data.

• Store copies on at least 2 different media.

• Store at least 1 backup copy off-site.

recovery plan

Media Off-Site Storage:

a 360-degree service

Data Storage Security works closely with its customers to set up the Media Off-Site Storage service, starting from the collection of magnetic media containing data to be stored, transporting them safely and confidentially to armoured vaults, and returning the magnetic media containing “expired” data on the dates stipulated by the customer.

Data Storage Security’s vaults are constantly monitored using video surveillance, while access is authorized only to qualified personnel with swipe cards. An active climate control system eliminates temperature changes and humidity peaks, ensuring optimal conditions for the long-term storage of magnetic media. All storage rooms are equipped with an inert gas fire-fighting system to deal with fires without making any archived documents, tapes or cassettes wet, which would damage them irreparably.


has ensured Data Storage Security’s reputation as the most reliable remote backup company in Italy.

Data Storage Security has been operating in the data recovery sector since 1983, and now has over 300 customers, collecting and delivering over 50,000 boxes containing backup tapes each year, which are stored in its own storage rooms.

The vehicles used are exclusively dedicated to the transport of digital media and paper archives. They are equipped with active and passive security tools capable of ensuring data protection from the moment of collection at the customer’s location until delivery to Data Storage Security’s vault.

disaster recovery plan


means security in off-site storage

Data Storage Security possesses two vaults that are certified according to the UNI EN 1143-1:2012 standard, with resistance degree III, with a total of 3,000 square meters of surface area, equipped with swipe card controlled access, surveillance cameras and an inert-gas fire-extinguishing system.

The environmental conditions inside the armoured chambers are kept stable within a 18-24°C temperature range and a humidity level ranging from 45%-55%, parameters which are deemed optimal by the manufacturers of magnetic supports.

The quality of our facilities, our consolidated expertise, the experience we have acquired in this specialised sector and the certification of the management system of information security (UNI EN ISO 27001) and quality (UNI EN ISO 27001), as well as having social responsibility certification according to the SA8000 standard, allow Data Storage Security to be regarded as the benchmark in the industry for the Storage and Management of magnetic supports in maximum security vaults.

picking and delivering data

Pick-up and delivery
of backup data written on media

Customized collection and delivery service of stored data on magnetic tapes or in paper files, with service frequency agreed with the customer, carried out by qualified employees receiving regular training and subject to periodic security checks.



Reports and KPIs of magnetic support movements in and out of the storage rooms and real-time updated inventories of stored magnetic archives.

exclusive transport

Exclusive transport

All vehicles used are exclusively dedicated to the transport of digital media and paper archives, strictly excluding the transport of valuables.

data security

Armoured Boxes

Transport of magnetic supports in armoured, sealed and certified cases.

available 24/7

Archivists available 24/7

Magnetic supports are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

national territory

Coverage throughout Italy

Branches in northern and central Italy allow us to provide coverage throughout the country.

Data Storage Security offers customers over 35 years of experience in data storage services, including a specific secure data transport service and ICT infrastructure, with continuously evolving processes and technologies, in accordance with current regulations and the most stringent technical standards on the market.

Data Storage Security customers include major insurance and banking groups, multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, large-scale retail and distribution and automotive sectors, as well as the most important Italian ICT companies.