Data Storage Security’s service for archiving and storing paper documents allows our customers to solve the problem of long-term management of their paper archives, accounting documents, sensitive, tax and regulatory or confidential data, taking advantage of the high security standards guaranteed by a dedicated facility.

Certified destruction


Data Storage Security guarantees the security of paper archives containing sensitive data from the moment the archives are taken charge of at the customer’s premises, through to their storage and disposal.

The archiving of paper data and documents in general takes place in specially designed and equipped rooms.

Special internal surveillance systems operating 24/7 are employed hand in hand with weather and fire-protection systems. Our premises are equipped with a smoke-detection system connected to an automated gas extinguishing system, 24-hour monitoring system designed to manage in real time the status and correct functioning of the burglar alarm and fire alarm systems, and an access control system.

inert-gas extinguishing system


from fires requires state-of-the-art equipment

Data Storage Security’s dedicated long-term paper archive storage rooms often or always contain valuable sensitive data, such as documentary reports, contracts or tax and accounting records, and are thus protected against fire thanks to a comprehensive inert-gas extinguishing system.

This gas fire-fighting system allows for faster response times, operating more effectively than water-based systems, in a manner that is absolutely not detrimental to archived paper documents.

reserved access

Reserved access

Every room and archive, every single archived document can only be accessed by specially authorised personnel, whose access is regulated by swipe card reading equipment.

Active surveillance 24/7

Active surveillance 24/7

Data Storage Security’s vaults are fully monitored by means of video surveillance systems, including video recording and human monitoring.


Monitoring 24/7

Our premises are monitored 24 hours a day by the security company that manages in real time the status and proper functioning of the burglar alarm, smoke detection and automatic shut-down systems.

End-to-end process

Trusted operators

All personnel are Data Storage Security employees: trusted, specially trained operators subjected to periodic security checks.

fleet of vehicles dedicated to security

Document transport

Our very own fleet of specially equipped vehicles is available for confidential documents, equipped with remote control and monitoring systems, anti-intrusion and anti-theft devices.

Certified destruction
of documents

The destruction of paper documents and archives is also a critical phase in the process of managing sensitive data, and is carried out in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 27001 standards.

Data Storage Security offers customers over 35 years of experience in data storage services, including a specific secure data transport service and ICT infrastructure, with continuously evolving processes and technologies, in accordance with current regulations and the most stringent technical standards on the market.

Data Storage Security customers include major insurance and banking groups, multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, large-scale retail and distribution and automotive sectors, as well as the most important Italian ICT companies.