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Thanks to the Data Recovery service, Data Storage Security guarantees that customers can recover files from a backup tape even in the absence of the original storage device.

The increasingly frequent obsolescence of servers, operating systems and, generally, digital devices, often makes it difficult to recover a digital archive preserved for many years.

Unreadable tapes can be retrieved and mass migration of archived data from an obsolete to a newer format can be organized without compromising the integrity of archives.

All this is possible thanks to Data Recovery, the integrated Data Storage Security service dedicated to data recovery, digital dematerialization and updating of storage media through the large-scale migration of archives and sensitive data, in line with the technological renewal of backup infrastructure.



with Data Recovery

The Data Recovery Service meets the challenge of digital tape obsolescence, which is also the most reliable medium for storing data that requires storage periods of up to and beyond 10 years.

Tax and civil data, contracts, accounting reports, insurance policies, medical records, legal documents and any other sensitive data are all normally recorded on magnetic tape or stored on disks or servers, but it isn’t always possible to keep the original dedicated backup systems working efficiently, while large-scale data migration is costly in terms of time and risky in terms of reliability when performed by non-qualified personnel.

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large-scale migration

Data Storage Security‘s Data Recovery service allows you to efficiently plan document dematerialization, data recovery from obsolete media, and large-scale migration to ensure long-term digital preservation.

When it becomes necessary to migrate archived historical data within entire sets of magnetic tapes, for the purpose of technological renewal, for instance from LTO6 to LTO8 or an upgrade of the backup system, Legacy Data Recovery ensures that data compatibility is maintained.

The operations required during the Data Recovery procedure are carried out directly at Data Storage Security‘s headquarters, ensuring data recovery without having to physically move the media, thus maintaining the storage service’s security and traceability features.

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The selective data recovery service arises from our customers’ need to promptly access historical data stored with Data Storage Security, for purposes that may be related to audits, regulatory compliance or third-party requests.

Data Storage Security collects the information in the customer’s possession and analyses the historical tapes, identifying where the requested data is stored, then extracts and delivers it in a secure, timely and traceable manner.

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the future arising from the past

Data Recovery, one of the latest of the many services offered by Data Storage Security, responds to one of the main problems related to the preservation of digital data and sensitive archives: overcoming the obsolescence of backup technology.

Data Storage Security continuously invests in technology updates, offering insurance and banking groups, pharmaceutical multinationals, large-scale retailers, automotive and national and international ICT companies the most reliable answers to the technology challenge related to the digitization and storage of data and documents.

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Security and traceability

A secure and traceable customized process: each stage, from the inventory of assets, to the analysis of tapes and subsequent extraction of data, is performed using processes and tools that govern and track the flow of inbound and outbound sensitive data, in accordance with customer specifications.

End-to-end process

An end-to-end process, starting from the customer’s request: the Data Recovery service is self-contained and includes all stages of the extraction or migration of the digital archive data.

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Multi-platform solution: the solution adopted by Data Storage Discovery allows you to read historical data stored on magnetic media of different formats (LTOx), whose data has been saved using the backup software from the most important suppliers in the market.

Data Storage Security offers customers over 35 years of experience in data storage services, including a specific secure data transport service and ICT infrastructure, with continuously evolving processes and technologies, in accordance with current regulations and the most stringent technical standards on the market.

Data Storage Security customers include major insurance and banking groups, multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, large-scale retail and distribution and automotive sectors, as well as the most important Italian ICT companies.